Live in Dalheim

by Bruno Green

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Thirteen songs from The Blue Void Trilogy, recorded live at the 'Musiques sacrées festival' in Dalheim, Luxemburg, may 2006.


released April 21, 2011

Bruno Green trio & guests Lisa Berg (cello), Jean-François Mein (viola), Ian Regulski (violin), Joachim Kruithof (violin). Live sound, recording & mixing by Erik Orthuon.

© Hasta Luego recordings 2011



all rights reserved


Bruno Green Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: On a rope
My heart is in my chest
My heart is like a stone
Not even a bird call
In this vast pale blue void

I sit hourlong
I sit & I feel
Like a horse
On a rope

No clouds no birds
In this blue desert sky
I stare at the ground
I’ll get buried in

I sit hourlong
I sit & I feel
Like a horse
On a rope
Track Name: Bunch of stars
No man, no dog
Out on the street,
I can feel the cold
Freezing my feet.
No evil, no pain
In this land of faith,
Don’t be afraid,
Mr Bush said.

We were young and proud
A long time ago.
But life ain’t a fairy tale
When you ain’t got nothing,
Looks more like a jail
Where all hopes vanish.
Don’t be afraid,
Mr Bush said.

A couple stripes
And a bunch of stars
Don’t make no dream to me.
A couple stripes
And a bunch of stars
Don’t wash no tears away.

I ain’t got no bed
And I don’t get fed.
Don’t be afraid,
Mr Bush said.
I’m not afraid,
Soon I’ll be dead.
Track Name: Every thought in me
The sky is flat & grey
The day falling away
The keen weather
Seeping into my bones

Every thought in me comes out bitter

Roving here & there
Towards the close of day
Dry jack pines
Casting their shadows away

The air still & damp
Cooling with the fall of day
Tears are dripping
From my cheeks down to the ground

Every thought in me comes out bitter

Feel like a fire
Slowly falling into ash
Still wondering why
Man is born to die.
Track Name: Down sunside
Laying flat on the ground
With my mouth open
Like a shot man.
My eyes almost shut
Against the sun
Burning like fire.

Here I stand
Like an old tree
Struck by a lightning
My heart is glowing
Like a hot stove
Red like blood.

Floating old news
Of folks long dead
In a ripple of whispers
It’s a rainy summer day
I’m walking towards
The down sunside.
Track Name: Shelter to the bees
Sitting on a fifty gallon drum
In the early morning sun
I’m staring at a thousand cattle head
Heading to the west

Flowering apple trees
Give shelter to the bees
While flies surround
Smoking cattle dung
Track Name: Chosen of the Lord
Feel like a dusty owl
Nailed to the barn door
Listening to the distant bay
Of neighbor’s hounds
Like the moans of dying men

I’m waiting in the pouring rain
Howling out your name to glory
My senses gone like a fragrant smoke
Trembling like a mule
Shaking off flies

I’m not a chosen of the Lord
Though faith is my only hope
I’m not a chosen of the Lord
My fire is burning low

I’m watching the rain
As it stirs the river
My head all the way back
Belching at the sky
Clouds are scudding fast
Across the heavens
The wind screaming
Through the stands of pines
Track Name: I don't need a gun
I moan into the empty stalls
Into the barns into the sheds
I go to sit on the doorsteps
Where the shade’s lately fallen

Harness carts & seeders
Junk all piled up in the yard
I’m selling years of work
I’m selling a sorrow that can’t talk

You don’t need a gun
To be a man my son

Walk back mister tenant
Hands in your pockets
Walk back mister tenant
Your shoes kicking the red dust up

Walk back mister tenant
Stiff in your Sunday clothes
I’m selling years of life
I’m selling a sorrow that can’t talk
Track Name: A dead body
I lie in a dead body
In the shade of a pecan tree
My thoughts elsewhere
My eyes unfocused.

The wind is in the shakes
Sweeping down off the hill
Through the last grass of summer
As clouds wall out the sun.

I lie in a dead body
In the cool shadow of a cliff
Counting the bright dashes
Against the moonless sky.

There’s not a blown leaf to be heard
Nor a bird fly in the limbs
My eyes suddenly blur
As the Earth now falls quiet.
Track Name: Pine box
I’m walking across the yard
Dragging clouds of dust behind me
My head low to my shoulders
Like a beaten dog
The sun’s burning high
Drying tears on my cheeks
My hair’s soaked with sweat
My hat clutched in my fist.

I cast an eye skyward
To the blue vault of heaven
& only see the cawing rooks
Sitting at the top of the trees
My love lies in a pine-box
Lord restore my faith
& take good care of me
For a lone man don’t live long.

I’m walking across the yard
Humming to myself
“…she’ll be driving
six white horses when she comes…”
Track Name: The reaches of the Earth
I lie awake
My head on my saddle
My boots crossed before the fire
Watching the white hot stars
Rifling down the dark

The country lies in a darkness
The ponies are prancing
Their eyes white in the gloom
I can hear their breath rolling
Smoking through the cold

A polar moon is rising full
Bats cross silently
Overhead among the stars
Like some dark little birds
Crossing down the wind
Towards the reaches of the Earth

We’ll ride along the river trace
Along the shores along the plains
Where wild horses race
Where we lost so many friends
Gone defected or dead.
Track Name: Hard country
We’re riding in the dying light
Dogs bark at the shade of passing clouds
Woods smell of wet & rotten leaves.

We’re riding through the close of day
Leaning against the pouring rain
It’s a hard country on man.

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord…

We’re lying cold in the dark of the night
By a weak fire in a ring of stones
Counting the days to the next new moon.

We’re riding in the western winds
Along the pines & evergreens
It’s a hard country on man.

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take…
Track Name: Watertank
I am staring at the water tank
Against the deep blue sky
Sitting on a straight back chair
By the iron stove
Your favourite cat
Snoozing on my knees

I am staring at the cattle
Bedded under the oaks
The wind is cool on my sweating neck
The weather could be worse today
Even if the mountains have gotten darker
Since you’ve gone

I am walking down the forest trail
With no laces on my shoes
Thinking about your love
That I’m just about to lose
I don’t know what to do
To make it go along
Track Name: Shake me awake
Shake me awake my baby
To the light of the coming day
Shake me awake sweet baby
For I’m sleeping like a king
The sun breaking over the trees
Is burning in your hair

Shake me awake my baby
Keep the windows wide open
Shake me awake sweet baby
Let the weak sun wash my face
Kindle a fire in the hearth
To burn the concerns in my mind

Shake me awake my baby
For moonshine was my friend last night
Shake me awake now baby
If I called another woman’s name
Shake me awake sweet baby
‘Cause silence means assent