The Blue Void Trilogy compilation

by Bruno Green

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“It is a significant achievement of this trilogy that though it is ambitious in its scope and execution it remains an intimate and humble experience. There are no grandiose statements, no bombast, no attention is drawn unduly towards it, no great claims are made for it - is on a human scale and it is intensely humane. This is an excellent and important work and one that neatly sums up all that is good about Americana.” )David Cowling,

“Bruno Green is a star for those who know him, so evident are the beauty of his voice and the value of his musical universe. Starting his activities in 1990, he has recorded several refined but unknown albums, left the label that had signed him in without ending his artistic quest. If he feels any bitterness, he does not show it and says he's proud of "pursuing his little craftsman's activity": he has reasons to be proud, for his albums are superb, and whether they are self-productions or little productions does nothing to reduce their value. An example of comforting behavior for all bands.” (HM, Rock & Folk).

“Bruno Green's music places itself somewhere between Vic Chestnutt, Sufjan Stevens and South San Gabriel... Green writes compositions that are full of space and that are well in tune with his whispery voice... With Horse Mood, Bruno Green has realized a beautiful folk-blues album that lines with the best.” (Wiebren Rijkeboer,


released May 1, 2006

1 - Horse mood :
Drums : Thomas Belhom
Bass : Jacques Auvergne
Electric guitar : Olivier Mellano
Pedal-steel, slide guitar & banjo : Vassili Caillosse
Piano & organ : Thomas Schaettel
Strings & horns arrangements : Yves-André Lefeuvre
Acoustic guitar & vocals : Bruno Green

Guests :
Matthias Verde : acoustic guitar on Shelter to the bees.
Laetitia Sheriff : backing vocals on A Ferriswheel & Lean & bitter.
Pierre-Vital Gérard : backing vocals on Riding to my death & On a rope.
Leo Prudhomme : bowed saw on Shelter to the bees & Lean & bitter.

All songs by Bruno Green except lyrics on Animals by Craig Snyder & music on Shelter to the bees by Matthias Verde.

Recorded by Erik Orthuon. Mixed & produced by Eric Orthuon & Bruno Green at Cocoon Studio Rennes-France.

2 - God’s country :
Drums : Billy Conway
Electric & upright bass : Pascal Humbert
Electric guitar & backing-vocals : Goulven Hamel
Pedal steel, slide guitar & banjo : Vassili Caillosse
Piano & organ : Thomas Schaettel
Guitar, percussions & vocals : Bruno Green

Guests :
Red : electric guitar on Pine box & backing-vocals on Hard country, Bad blood & The reaches of the Earth
Jérôme Excoffier : electric guitar on Bad blood & Clouds never lie ; backing vocals on The reaches of the Earth
Laetitia Sheriff & Isa Valenti : backing vocals on Pine box & Bad blood.

All songs by Bruno Green
except The luckless man tune by Leo Prudhomme.

Recorded & mixed by Erik Orthuon.

Produced by Eric Orthuon & Bruno Green.
at Cocoon Studio Rennes-France.
3 - Father & son :
Drums : Billy Beard
Extra-drums : Billy Conway
Electric & upright-bass: Kimon Kirk
Electric & acoustic guitar : Ry Cavanaugh
Pump organ, piano, cello-guitar, vibes, fiddle & banjo : Dinty Child
Mandolin : Jimmy Ryan
Guitars, fiddle & mandolin : Sean Staples
Harmonica : Jim Fitting
Acoustic guitar & vocals : Bruno Green

Guests :
Backing vocals :Rose Polenzani & Jason Caress on Blue is my mind & Shake me awake, Laurie Sargent on Every thought in me & Nebraska, Jennifer Kimball on Dead sure, Andrew Mazzone on Every thought in me & Ragged love song.
David Champagne : Electric guitar on Riding to my death

All songs by Bruno Green except Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen.

Recorded by Andrew Mazzone & Tom Dube, mixed by Andrew Mazzone.

Produced by Billy Conway at Hi’n’dry Studio,


© Hasta Luego recordings 2006




Bruno Green Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Riding to my death
Riding to my death
(Bruno Green)

You’re looking at me
Like a pole axed calf
Your eyes dark huge & vacant
Here is a place where dreams
Are paid for in blood

Now you’re scared & running
Through the wild grass and dead weeds
Then your eyes go upward
To the cold wash of stars

I guess it’s alright
I’m riding to my death

Somewhere in your memories
There is a blue river
Curving away toward the hills
That you’ll never see again

In the new fallen dark
Nighthawks rise from the dust
Their eyes shine like jewels
In the trembling headlights
Track Name: On a rope
On a rope
(Bruno Green)

My heart is in my chest
My heart is like a stone
Not even a bird call
In this vast pale blue void

I sit hourlong
I sit & I feel
Like a horse
On a rope

No clouds no birds
In this blue desert sky
I stare at the ground
I’ll get buried in
Track Name: Golden dust
Golden dust
(Bruno Green)

Have you seen that horse yonder
The one with white on him
He’s dreaming of driving cattle
Through a gauze of golden dust
Just like me
When rain
Goes slashing down the country
But he walks back to the stall
Where the air smells of straw and sweat.

Have you seen the man I am
Stepping once and then back twice
I’m dreaming of booting forward
An Arabian stallion
To ride out west
When rain
Is coming down in sheets
But I walk back to the house
Where the air smells of wax and flowers.
Track Name: Lean & bitter
Lean & bitter
(Bruno Green)

The wind moans in the flue
It’s blowing out of the north,
Cows & bulls are standing
In the lush grass,
A hawk is riding the wind
Above the mountain side.

I’ve grown lean & bitter,
I’ve grown lean & bitter.

My voice is echoing
From rock to rock
Through the dark stony woods
& back again.
Life was sweeter
Back in the old days

I’ve grown lean & bitter
I’ve grown lean & bitter
I’m riding a dead horse
Track Name: Pine box
Pine box
(Bruno Green)

I’m walking across the yard
Dragging clouds of dust behind me
My head low to my shoulders
Like a beaten dog
The sun’s burning high
Drying tears on my cheeks
My hair’s soaked with sweat
My hat clutched in my fist.

I cast an eye skyward
To the blue vault of heaven
& only see the cawing rooks
Sitting at the top of the trees
My love lies in a pine-box
Lord restore my faith
& take good care of me
For a lone man don’t live long.

I’m walking across the yard
Humming to myself
“…she’ll be driving
six white horses when she comes…”
Track Name: Sunflowers
(Bruno Green)

Dawn creeps up out of the trees
It’s hard to put two thoughts together
Squatting before the black ring
Of a dead fire
I’m spitting between my feet
Waiting for the world to be shaping up.

Kids are wrapped in their beddings
Muttering like dreaming dogs
Flies roaring softly at their faces
In a reek of sodden clothes & dirty hair
Then awaking to the flutter of morning birds
They keep their throat closed against the words.

We’re lonely folks on the road in a piled-up car
Folks with no more land & no home to go
Roaming bewildered along dusty side-roads
Sunflowers glitter in the blinding light
Strangers to the roughness of our men fate.
Track Name: Clouds never lie
Clouds never lie
(Bruno Green)

Such clouds never lie
It’s fixing to rain tonight
I sit on the back porch
My hands flapping flies away

Dogs stand smelling the earth
Their ears cocking & flicking
At the creak of my rocker
As I move forward & back

Always been a woodworker
Spent my life cutting down trees
Working everyday rain or shine
Sweating hard to make a living

Such clouds never lie
It’s fixing to rain tonight
The clock strikes time of my going under
As my eyes turn inward on my memory
Track Name: Dead sure
Dead sure
(Bruno Green)

Trees are in constant motion
The air smells cool & fresh
It’s gonna rain before morning

Pain in my throat is leaking out my eyes
I feel heavy in my stomach
My mind all in a tangle

I am dead sure I love you

Scars from old wounds
Revive the reddest details of pain
My eyes are playing a joke on me

I am dead sure I love you
Track Name: Shake me awake
Shake me awake
(Bruno Green)

Shake me awake my baby
To the light of the coming day
Shake me awake sweet baby
For I’m sleeping like a king
The sun breaking over the trees
Is burning in your hair

Shake me awake my baby
Keep the windows wide open
Shake me awake sweet baby
Let the weak sun wash my face
Kindle a fire in the hearth
To burn the concerns in my mind

Shake me awake my baby
For moonshine was my friend last night
Shake me awake now baby
If I called another woman’s name
Shake me awake sweet baby
‘Cause silence means assent