The lost songs

by Bruno Green

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Collection of early & alternate versions of songs written by Bruno Green & eventually recorded on Bruno Green or Santa Cruz albums.


released March 8, 2009

© Hasta Luego recordings 2009



all rights reserved


Bruno Green Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Clank of gear
Dry weeds heel & twist
In a breeze sprung from nowhere
The man’s hanging dead from his rope
Staring eyeless at the naked sky

Standing trembling in the warm dusk air
With his eyes as black as gunbores
Pouring tears & flaming with pain
The boy’s wondering why things end
In confusion & hate & curses & blood

As far as the eye can see
Dust is blowing down the void
Like the smoke of distant armies
In the running rumble
Of closing thunder

When lightning flares & thunder cracks
The boy rides downcountry
In a dull thump of hooves
& a weird clank of gear
Here’s another lost orphan
On the barren dusty plain
& a long ways from home.
Track Name: All will be known
All about lies in shadow
Boys sleep among the rocks
Face up like dead men
The Great Bear’s walking
On the mountains to the North
A low fire’s roaring in the blast
The air’s full of the smell
Of burning charcoal

In the shifting light
Of a quarter-moon
Voices call from the dark
Like desperate souls in need
I have gray in my hair.
I can feel it in the ground
Death’s closing on my heels
Like a silent tracking hound.

The wrath of God lies sleeping
But all will be known to us
As to every man.
Track Name: All trace fades
Flakes are falling
Dreams are melting
Like dirty rags of snow
From the East shines a gray light
The sun is the color of steel.

Roosters are calling
Cowpokes are riding
In the clink of harness
& the snuffle of horses
All trace fades
On that land pale as bone

Flakes are falling
Like ash without a sound
Like ash of an ancient fire
All trace fades
On that white faultless void.
Track Name: A dead body
I lie in a dead body
In the shade of a pecan tree
My thoughts elsewhere
My eyes unfocused.

The wind is in the shakes
Sweeping down off the hill
Through the last grass of summer
As clouds wall out the sun.

I lie in a dead body
In the cool shadow of a cliff
Counting the bright dashes
Against the moonless sky.

There’s not a blown leaf to be heard
Nor a bird fly in the limbs
My eyes suddenly blur
As the Earth now falls quiet.
Track Name: Bad all over
Early dim stars are still out
Moving in & out of the clouds
Tree trunks are deep somber grey
Against the sky crowded with bats

I’m standing over the stove
Sipping at my steaming cup
Looking out over the land
Alive enough to touch

Love goes bad all over
A quick taste of fear on my lips
Love goes bad all over
Are you walking this dirt road home?

The room is still dark around me
Hank Williams on the radio
Coffee’s running down my throat
My humming voice like gravel

The eastern sky is rimming with red
A bobwhite call is waiting
I can smell the trace of death
Coming to me.
Track Name: The last rains
The last rains come gently
I find myself walking
Through willows & swales of grass
Gazing out across the land

The air is thin the sky is pale
Birds are passing with broken cries
Dogs & squirrels barks
Rise high into the night

The men they came in black closed cars
Said it’s over when the land is poor
Raise my crop & feed my kids
Those of my blood
a nightmare to me

At length I will fall asleep
My eyeballs heavy & red
Windows raised to the cool night
My heart too full for words.